House Bill 104, passed during the regular session of the 85th Texas Legislature, created Code of Criminal Procedure art. 2.023, which requires notification to a victim of serious felony offenses found at CCP art. 42A.054, that his or her assailant has been charged with a new serious felony offense under art. 42A.054. This notification requires collaboration between the TDCJ Victim Services Division and prosecutor offices.

On or before the 10th day after the defendant is indicted on a subsequent offense as described above, the attorney representing the state must notify the TDCJ Victim Services Division of the offense charged in the indictment. TDCJ VSD has developed the below online submission form to help comply with this legislation.

NOTE: The 86th Texas Legislature passed House Bill 2758 which expanded CCP art 42A.054 to include Continuous Trafficking of Persons and Aggravated Promotion of Prostitution.

HB 104 Eligible Offenses can be found here

HB 104 FAQs

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